During their first year at La Vida, students get a head start on the college process. They begin, or continue, community service work, learn about the college and financial aid process, attend at least three campus visits, and begin applying for scholarships.


The cornerstones of sophomore year include:

  • College prep curriculum
  • Campus visits
  • MCAS preparation
  • Community service placement
  • Christian A. Herter Memorial Scholarship


Many students say junior year is the toughest academically. Since it is the last full year of grades that colleges see, our students pour their effort into improving and maintaining their GPA. At La Vida, students' second year is spent thoroughly preparing them for the college process. This includes applications, financial aid, standardized testing, community service and summer programs.


The cornerstones of junior year include:

  • Kaplan ACT preparatory classes
  • Career Explorations course
  • One-on-one advising
  • College Prep curriculum
  • Campus visits
  • Community Service
  • Summer test prep programs


A student's last year at La Vida is the most critical. At least half the year is spent building college lists, writing essays, submitting applications, working through financial aid paperwork and award letters, and applying for scholarships. There is a lot to balance on top of schoolwork, community service and extracurriculars. It is arguably the toughest year at La Vida, but it is also by far the most rewarding.


The cornerstones of senior year include:

  • College Prep curriculum
  • Campus visits (late summer/early fall)
  • Community service
  • Weekly advising meetings with a La Vida staff mentor
  • Minimum of 10 scholarship applications
  • Minimum of 8 college applications
  • FAFSA and CSS Profile
  • College Life Workshops, which include sessions on money management, sexual assault, substance abuse, and mental health
  • La Vida graduation


We believe that parents and guardians play a critical role in the successes of our students. 


Upon acceptance into the program, parents and guardians are required to sign a contract, just like students, that agrees to the following:

  • All parents and guardians open a savings account through Metro Credit Union. Parents save $300 per year and it is matched at the end of each year. This means that by the time that students graduate from our program, they have a minimum of $1,800  to use for college expenses.
  • All parents and guardians attend monthly workshops hosted by our partner organization, Inversant. These Learning Circles teach parents about the same topics their students are learning about in class: the college process, financial aid, resume building, etc.
  • All parents and guardians attend one campus visit per year. This can be with La Vida or on their own with their student.