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Part of what makes La Vida Scholars so unique is the participation of our students’ parents in Inversant’s Monthly Savings Circles, where they learn about college applications, financial aid forms, loans, and scholarships. The Roman Family, a third-year participant in our program and leader in our monthly meetings, caught up with us this past week and were able to answer some questions about their time in our program. Below is a short interview with Alba Roman, Jonathan’s mother.


How many children do you currently have in LVS?

We just have one, Jonathan Roman, graduating senior at Lynn English High School.


How did you first hear about LVS?

We first heard about LVS through Jonathan’s high school when he got nominated by his guidance counselor because of his good grades. We pushed for him to apply because we felt this was something that could be beneficial to him.


What stood out to you from the open house or information session you attended?

We understood right away what our son would be learning throughout his entire time in the program. He would be exposed to many things that would help him be a better person and successful in life.


Do you feel that being in the program you are more knowledgeable about the college process?

By going to the monthly Inversant meetings offered to the parents, we learned about the college application process, the importance of savings, and other tools we will be needing in the future when our other son is ready to go to college.


Has college become a common topic in your household?

Every time we get a chance, we talk to our two kids not just about the importance of college, but also about what it symbolizes: being prepared for success. We believe the way to do that is by getting a good education.


What are some hopes you have for your son’s future?

The hopes we have for our sons is for them to be independent people that bring good to society and for them to accomplish all of their dreams.


Jonathan Roman is a graduating senior in our program. He has applied to nine colleges and hopes to major in the math, science, or business fields. His top schools are USC in Los Angeles, CA and Columbia University in New York, NY.