August 9, 2017
Jessica Johnson

My Time at La Vida Scholars

by  Evan Aroko Photo: Instagram – Forest Foundation Summer Interns (@ffsummerinterns)   Most people can agree that education is important for every man, woman and child on Earth. With it, people can work towards fulfilling their own life goals, desires and dreams. In my opinion, two of the most important aspects a person can receive

May 24, 2017
Jessica Johnson

Last Senior Class

It’s been a bittersweet week for us. This Monday we met with our LVS 2017 senior class for the last time ever before graduation. We chose to make it an actual class – a COOKING class! It’s super important for our grads to know how to make some quick meals for those nights when the

April 26, 2017
Jessica Johnson

Scholar Spotlight – Meagan Molea

Meagan is currently a junior at Lynn Vocational and Technical Institute and part of our LVS Class of 2018. She joined our program in September of 2015 and is currently part of SkillsUSA, a program for vocational schools around the country where she learns and develops skills needed for future careers. Throughout the year, they

April 14, 2017
Jessica Johnson

Chipotle Cash!

Just a quick update on our Class Representatives’ latest accomplishment! Recently, they held a fundraiser at a local Chipotle, where they raised $894! Thank you to everyone who supported them. The funds raised will go towards planning a big end-of-year event for all current scholars sometime in June. Do you want to help plan the

April 10, 2017
Jessica Johnson

Program Update – April

Friendly reminder that all future individual donations will be tripled by an anonymous donor. Now is the time to support La Vida Scholars. Click here to find out how.   Such an eventful month! Our program is soon beginning its most exciting phase: college decision month. We’ve received all the acceptances and most of the