Month: October 2017




Eury German


High School:

Lynn English High School


Year of LVS Graduation:



What college did you attend/currently attend?

Wesleyan University, Bachelor of Arts (2012-2016)

New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, Master of Fine Arts (2016-2018)



What did you major in?

Bachelor of Arts in Biology and Dance

Master of Fine Arts Candidate in Dance


How/When did you decide on your major?

I knew I wanted to major in Biology before attending college because I’ve always been interested in the sciences. More specifically, I’ve always been interested in the human body which is why I was a Biology major with a Neuroscience concentration. I decided to major in Dance after my first year at Wesleyan when I had realized my passion for the art form.


Did you have any internships while in college? Where? What did you do?

I attended the dance equivalent of internships during my summers at Wesleyan. Thankfully, I attended these intensives through generous donations and scholarships. The summer after my sophomore year, I attended the American Dance Festival in North Carolina for six weeks. The summer after my junior year, I attended the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance for four weeks and the Strictly Seattle Dance Intensive for four weeks.


Finally, this past summer, after my first year of graduate school, I returned to the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance for ten weeks on full scholarship. These intensives were designed to mimic professional dance company environments in which we trained in various dance techniques for multiple hours everyday and had the opportunity of working and networking with established and emerging choreographers.


What do you plan to do after graduation?

After graduation, I plan to join a professional dance company and tour the world.



Where are you working now? 

I am currently an MFA candidate in the Department of Dance at NYU Tisch. I work part-time at the Joyce Theater in Chelsea, NYC and as a Graduate Assistant teaching Dance History at Tisch School of the Arts.



What do you remember the most from your time in La Vida Scholars?

What I remember most from my time at La Vida Scholars was the comradery and friendships formed. La Vida Scholars is filled with intellectually curious and driven students that congregate to share their passion for knowledge and education. I felt simultaneously challenged and encouraged by my peers and my instructors. Additionally, some of my favorite moments include the various events held at La Vida for the purpose of community building and engagement.



What are some things you learned at La Vida Scholars that prepared you for college life, finances, and academics?

A strong work ethic was the most important thing I learned at La Vida Scholars. I strengthened my ability to set and complete long-term and short-term goals. I also developed a strong sense of hard working accountability, autonomy, and reliability. With my peers – and through community engagement – I also developed a strong sense of leadership, volunteerism, and dedication.


What are three words that come to mind when you think of La Vida Scholars?

Access, Opportunity, and Success.